Anonstake is a staking infrastructure provider for Proof-of-Stake blockchains, offering staking services to regular token owners.




• High-performance server
• 24/7 Server uptime commitment
• Low latency / High bandwidth connection



• Hardware protection
• Running own nodes with 99% Uptime
• Active monitoring and regular upgrades



• No KYC or other information needed
• We do not get any information about you


• Automatic rewards payouts every cycle

• Rewards automatically come to your account

  As as staking infrastructure provider we aim to provide secure, reliable and anonymous service.

Running your own node requires specific hardware and is a time-consuming and security sensitive task. Today most of the Proof-of-Stake blockchains allow people to delegate staking rights of their tokens to a trusted and professional staking infrastructure provider. Here at Anonstake we try our best to make the delegation process smooth and easy for anyone who wants to delegate their tokens. Anonstake is passionate about decentralisation as it represents a key ingredient for any successful blockchain. Our goal as a staking infrastructure provider is to support adoption and decentralisation in all projects we are actively present.

We run secure and reliable nodes for different Proof-of-Stake protocols ensuring maximum efficiency and security. Select your project, delegate with Anonstake and make 7%-15% annually with your staking rewards.

Wanchain’s dPoS offers non-custodial staking rewards

Wanchain’s dPoS offers non-custodial staking rewards

Wanchain inherently enables Anonstake to automatically pay rewards for staking Wanchain On the 3rd of September Wanchain foundation has successfully replaced the previous high-energy PPoW (permissioned proof-of-work) consensus mechanism with their new Proof of Stake...

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What is AION to The OAN?

What is AION to The OAN?

Aion is the Digital Asset of The Open Application Network Aion project evolves into two brands: The Open Application Network (The OAN) and Aion. The OAN runs on Aion. As the native digital asset of The Open Application Network, Aion is used to secure and access The...

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Anonstake announces AION staking pool with promotional fee!

Anonstake announces AION staking pool with promotional fee!

Anonstake annonces running an AION pool on The OAN (Open App Network) Anonstake is pleased to announce we are supporting AION network since ICO and welcome Unity Consensus upgrade and announcment of staking pools. As a staking pool operator on The OAN we are dedicated...

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