Staking Tezos ($XTZ): How to delegate Tezos with Galleon wallet (Ledger Nano support)

Nov 22, 2019#anonstake, #tezos

Step-by-step tutorial to staking Tezos with Ledger Nano S on Galleon wallet

Step 1: Install and open desktop wallet

  • Login with Ledger Wallet and confirm the address

In case, you were using TezBox, go to “Settings” in the right-upper corner and set the path to TezBox.

Step 2: Delegate to

  • Navigate to “Delegate” tab
  • Enter Anonstake’s baker address


Step 3: Check the transaction and enjoy rewards!

  • If delegation was successful then you will see green box with “Successfully started delegation update.”
  • Check the transaction by clicking the link in green box

Congratulations, your $XTZ tokens are now delegated to Anonstake baker and you will start earning your rewards! We distribute rewards automatically on daily basis! 🎉🎉🎉

What is Tezos?

Tezos is a distributed consensus platform with meta-consensus capability. Tezos not only comes to consensus about the state of its ledger, like Bitcoin or Ethereum. It also attempts to come to consensus about how the protocol and the nodes should adapt and upgrade.

The Tezos network is the current incarnation of the Tezos blockchain. It runs with real tez that have been allocated to the donors of July 2017 ICO (see Activate fundraiser account — Mainnet). The Tezos network has been live and open since June 30th 2018. (🔗 Tezos Gitlab 🔗) provides public delegation services to retail token holders. Our professional team is passionate about blockchain, new IT technologies and has a mix of youth and experienced team members. We have been contributing to the blockchain industry since 2016 and have the know-how and the hardware capabilities to ensure and design highly available network infrastructure.

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