AION staking rewards LIVE after Unity lunch on block 4721900

Nov 20, 2019#aion, #anonstake

With hard-fork on 4721900, PoW/PoS hybrid consensus Unity is live on The OAN!

Rejoice fellow Anons! 

The hard-fork on block 4721900 (watch the blocks on explorer) was smooth and is now live! Staking rewards are now paid with Unity consensus for everybody who delegated AION to the respective pool.

Economics of AION PoS Issuance launched Aion staking pool to enable Anons to easily delegate their AION and earn rewards which are paid immediately by the block. Depending on the amount of total AION staked, the average annual return(AAR) on staking AION can change from 2% up to 30%.

aion unity participation rate

This is due to the fact that even though AAR changes are dependant on the amount of AION tokens staked, the number of issued AION through the PoS consensus issuance is fixed at 7,095,600 AION per year.

Unity Economics of PoW and PoS Issuance:

“In Unity, the introduction of hybrid block production results in 50% less blocks annually produced and rewarded to PoW miners” 🔗 Aion Economics Overview 

With Unity upgrade, The OAN switches from PoW to a hybrid block production which includes PoS and PoW.

The block rewards for block production with PoS and PoW are 4.5 AION per block and transaction fees. With a block targeted at every 10 seconds this represent approximately 8640 blocks per day.

unity aion anonstake


The annual issuance for PoS and PoW is 3,01% with 1.51% annual issuance contributed to PoS and second half to PoW issuance (1.51%). 

In terms, this decreases the inflation due to the the total supply increasing each year for over 14,000,000 AION per year. The total Aion issuance hence drops by 0,09% to 2,92% of total annual issuance in Year 2. The the below image you can see the total annual issuance comes down to 2.69% in year 5.

aion issuance anonstake

What are you waiting for? Delegate your AION now!

At the time of writing there is over 50 million AION staked with approximately 14–15% average annual return by delegating AION. 🧐

Delegate your AION to Anonstake pool, by visiting our simple article on how to delegate AION. 🎉🎊 


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